Exciting Places To Visit In Ghana In 2022

Did you know that Africa is one of the continents full of incredible to explore? If you didn’t know, don’t worry because we will tell you about one of the amazing countries in Africa: Ghana. If you like it, you may consider this country one of West Africa’s true success stories. Or, what do you think of a country with incredible development, stable democracy, and a rich country? If you visit Ghana, it will be an opportunity for you to explore amazing places for family vacations. Following are the most exciting places you can visit while in Ghana for a lifetime experience

1. Kakum National Park

Have you thought about the experience that you will have watching some of the unique animal and plant species? Well. Ghana is a biodiverse country, and a visit to the Kakum National Park will prove this. This park stretches over an extensive area of Southern Ghana, and during your visit, you can see meerkats, buffalos, elephants, civets, and several many bird species. Have you heard about the Canopy Walkaway? It is one of the critical parts of this park, which attracts lots of tourists. You will definitely need a guided tour for you to have a complete experience of this iconic place.

2. Kumasi

This city was the former capital of this West African country during the Ashanti kingdom. Today, Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana, bustling with sprawling markets and people, making it a great delight to visitors. This city is popular for its wooden stools, gold jewelry, and kente cloth. So, if you love shopping, you will enjoy it because of the numerous craft shops and locations in the area. Moreover, you may want to visit the Manhiya Palace Museum in Kumasi if you want to learn about the ancient Ashanti Kingdom.

3. The National Museum of Ghana

Are you a history enthusiast? Then you have to visit the National Museum of Ghana because here, history burnishes with love. Here, you will find several exhibits devoted to the ancient Atlantic slave trade and the lives that were changed irreparably because of it. The museum also provides an explanation of the ethnographic multiplicity of modern Ghana. Here, you will get into the present as well as past people, art, traditional household objects, and the royal Ashanti tools. You will also get an opportunity to learn weaving the Kente cloth.

4. Busua Beach

As you plan to visit Ghana places for a family vacation, one thing you should keep in mind is that this country is close to the ocean. You will enjoy sunbathing and eating freshly cooked seafood, including lobster, at the beautiful beach of Busua. You can also participate in exciting ocean activities and learn to surf. Choosing Busua Beach as one of your holiday destinations is incredible. You will have an opportunity to try out local food from restaurants near the beach and from sellers beside the beach.

5. St. George’s Castle

You also need to visit St. George’s Castle for a great experience. Located in Elmina in Ghana, St. George’s Castle, which features whitewashed walls, was established by the Portuguese in 1482. It is associated with the historical slave trade, and you can see the dungeons that housed slaves. A guided tour will help you know more about the history of this place.

6. Visit Accra for Year of Return Events

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning a great annual event taking place in Ghana’s capital, Accra: the Year of Return. This program, which was launched in the country in 2019 to mark 400 years since the first enslaved African landed in Jamestown, Virginia, is now celebrated annually. Several events have been earmarked throughout the year to encourage African Americans to come back home to invest and settle in the native land. During the events, you will visit various places where you will see history in the making. Ghana was an exit point for slaves, and a significant amount of history has been stored here for you to witness. You will be able to meet several celebrities, especially those of African origin. Our guides will help you make arrangements when to visit Ghana for the events. It will be a great one, and you don’t want to miss it!

Final thoughts

Here you go! While Ghana is rich in exciting places to visit in 2022, these are what we consider the most exciting areas. Let us help you enjoy your holiday in Ghana.


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